DYMARK Industries bulkweighers (also referred to as bulk weighers), are extremely fast, accurate and dependable weighing systems capable of LEGAL FOR TRADE shipping and receiving capacities up to 80,000 bushels per hour.  These NTEP, MEASUREMENT CANADA and CSA approved continuous flow scales can be configured as a stand-alone turn-key system utilizing our optional pre-programmed scale indicator, or tied into your existing control system for a fully integrated solution.  To complete your installation, DYMARK Industries can also design, fabricate and erect a structural steel support tower including access stairs, ladders and service platforms.  Visit www.dymarkindustries.ca for more information.


5,000 BPH


Our team has been involved in the weighing industry for OVER 25 YEARS and we have hundreds of installations under our belts.  We work directly with our customers to ensure that the specifications, construction and performance of our scales exceed their requirements and expectations.

Some or our recent customers include:




Parrish & Heimbecker

Richardson International



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DYMARK Industries bulkweighers are built TOUGH!  We understand how important RELIABILITY is to you and we design every one of our scales with LONGEVITY and DURABILITY in mind.

Each one of our bulkweighers is constructed using HEAVY STEEL plate and structural steel framing.  Extend the service life of your bulkweigher even longer by adding our optional AR PLATE or CERAMIC TILE LINERS to the hopper surfaces.


We take a great deal of pride in our high QUALITY standards and WORKMANSHIP and would be happy to give you a closer look.  Contact us today to arrange a tour of our facility.


Our design team uses the most current BIM 3D modelling software to ensure that every component, down to the smallest component, fits perfectly every time.  These smart 3D models are then used to generate all of the information required to manufacture our bulkweighers including shop and installation drawings, CNC files and reports for material tracking and shipping.

By using this software, we can customize many features of our bulkweighers to suit the various needs and design parameters of our customers.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements and to learn more about our bulkweighers.


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