The MY-WEIGH portable bulkweigher was designed with PORTABILITY and FLEXIBILITY in mind.  Many of the features of our high capacity bulkweighers are loaded into this COMPACT and LIGHTWEIGHT legal for trade capable continuous weighing system.  You choose how and where the MY-WEIGH is used.  Mount the scale in a fixed location and integrate it into your processing line, or add the optional portable wheel kit and power pack and easily move it from location to location.  Set up is a breeze with the optional leveling jacks and calibration test weights. Transporting the MY-WEIGH couldn't be easier.  The 1,000 BPH model is designed to fit in the back of a half-ton truck bed, and the 3,500 BPH model can be easily loaded onto a trailer or cart.  Add our rough terrain wheel package and move the MY-WEIGH around your yard with ease.



The MY-WEIGH 1,000 BPH and 3,500 BPH portable bulkweighers are packed with many of the same features and functions as their big brothers (see High Capacity Bulkweighers), only wrapped up in a compact, lightweight and portable package.

The MY-WEIGH portable bulkweigher is a complete stand-alone weighing solution that, when outfitted properly, can be certified LEGAL FOR TRADE.

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  • 3 Hopper System (upper surge, weigh, lower discharge)

  • Steel or Aluminum Construction

  • Wear Plate Kit

  • 2 Electric Gates (12VDC or 110VAC)

  • 3 S Beam Loadcell Assemblies

  • Transport Locks to Isolate the Weigh Hopper

  • Industry Leading Programmable Bulkweigher Controller

  • Bin Level Sensors

  • Test Weight Calibration Kit c/w Hangers

  • Portable Power Pack (Inverter/Charger, Batteries, Wiring)

  • Ticket Printers and Digital Display Options

  • Ethernet Communication

  • Relays to Control External Feed/Takeaway Equipment

  • Factory Calibrated Weigh Hopper


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